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My name is Peta and I began my career as a highly trained professional dancer, working all over the world. Despite all my passion, my life on the stage was ended abruptly by a horrendous accident. During my battle to come to terms with the physical and emotional trauma, I focused all my energy on how fantastically intelligent the body is. Through my interest in working with nature, an amazing healing journey was discovered - much to the amazement of all the doctors and specialists working with me, both internationally and locally.  After several years of rehabilitation, I was back on my feet - which was something of a miracle after I was told that I would never walk again. 


Through this experience, I discovered my new passion - I wanted to help others get back on their feet too, in every sense. As a dancer, I always had a special interest in the way that music and movement influenced cognitive development and emotional upliftment. To supplement my studies in that area, I began studying gestalt psychology. However, several years after opening my practice, I decided that I needed more knowledge to make a bigger difference and entered the world of medical botany. 


Using my 30 years of experience and qualifications in gestalt practices, trauma counselling, herbal medicine, functional medicine, forest therapy, as well as in movement and music therapy, I opened As the director of, I now design unique and innovative wellbeing interventions based on the latest cutting edge research on nature and human health. 


My business is continually evolving as I adapt to utilise the newest scientific research in the fields of medical botany, nature therapy and psychology, all in the name of my passionate interest in improving people’s lives and helping the environment. My hope is that, by reminding people that they are a part of nature, I can heal a small part of the world and people along with it.

Meet the team

Peta - in summary

Founder and Director of 

Over 30 years experience working in the field of health and wellbeing. 

Her qualifications stretch across a spectrum of health and psychological practices, including Gestalt psychology, trauma counselling, medical botany and herbal medicine, shinrin yoku, functional medicine, and music and movement therapy. She has practised in the public, voluntary and private sector and designs nature-based interventions to improve and enhance the mental and physical health of her clients. 


Mushroom Hunter 
Nature Defender 
Photographer and a
Forest Bathing Facilitator

We deliver unique and innovative wellbeing interventions. These interventions are based on the latest cutting edge research on nature and human health.


After using The Herbal Apothecarey's products for over 10 years to keep me healthy, I decided to join the team on a Forest Bathing experience. What a truly awesome experience, I would recommend it to everyone.


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