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Online Therapy



Getting the support you need with Online therapy  is very similar to in person therapy except for the change in setting. All you need is your computer o or mobile phone with earphones, and a quiet place.

There are many advantages to choosing therapy online. For many of us, taking the leap and starting therapy may be a little daunting. You might feel more comfortable having a video call with your therapist while your dog is nuzzled up by your feet or when taking a walk. Or perhaps there aren’t enough hours in the day to dash to your therapist’s office between work and picking up the kids from school.

With advantages including accessibility, cost, time, privacy – it’s not surprising that more and more of us are turning to the web for support. And it”s simple and easy to get started. Some of the key benefits of online therapy include:

  • Accessibility. There are plenty of physical barriers to accessing in-person therapy. You may live in a rural location, or not drive. If you have a physical disability, trudging across the city might be a bit of a nightmare. Or leaving your bed might just seem near-impossible when you’re feeling low. Online therapy helps sweep these geographic hurdles aside. Distance is no longer a barrier because there’s someone ready and waiting to help you at the click of a button – right there on your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Time. In our hectic lives, ‘me time’ can be hard to come by. You might have a frantic schedule and work irregular hours. Or perhaps you’re a  parent who’s always racing against the clock. Online therapy fits around your schedule, so you can chat to a therapist whenever it suits you. It’s vitally important that our wellbeing is being nurtured. And having someone who can listen at your convenience can be a huge relief.

  • Privacy. Worried about bumping into a neighbour in the waiting room? Or maybe you’d prefer chatting about how you’re feeling within the confines of your own home? For some, online therapy offers a comforting sense of privacy. Plus there are plenty of security measures in place to protect your privacy online, including high-grade encryption services.

  • Safe Space. Let’s face it: opening up and talking about how we’re really feeling can be tough. Really tough. But, sometimes, it’s the little things that make it easier. Some of us may feel more comfortable opening up online than in person. It may feel less daunting. 

  • Cost. The world would be a happier place if everyone could access therapy, not just a select few. If you’re strapped for cash and in-person therapy seems pricey, online therapy could be a good middle ground. It often provides greater flexibility: for example, you might be able to take advantage of shorter session times or live messenger therapy options that are effective but more affordable.

  • Possibility of Greater insights. Online therapy may provide useful clues for your therapy and treatment. Taking the conversation beyond the confines of a physical therapist’s office can breathe new energy and possibilities into the therapeutic process a caring and skilled online therapist can make the most of the unexpected gifts that ‘screen’ therapy offers – be it the intrusion of a pet, a parent breaking into the session or a client taking her therapist for a trip outside.

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