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What Our Team Offers

Do you wish to embark on a magical journey of personal growth and profound introspection? To escape your routine, get into nature, and find the time and space required for deep healing?

To shed layers of faulty conditioning and open up your mind to fresh and new perspectives? And to welcome more ease and joy in your daily life, all the while being supported by expert guides and therapists?

Together, we will guide you through transformation.


Nature Bathing at the Beach

As it so happens, the small town of Sedgefield where we will be based is also home to the highest fossil sand dunes in South Africa.

Bordered by a series of parallel fossil sand dunes that run between Kaaimans River in the west and Brenton on Sea in the east, Sedgefield is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and an extensive coastal lake system, meaning that there is plenty of water all around.

Over millions of years, the combined pressure from the layers above and the dissolved minerals like calcium carbonate present in the plentiful ground water, work together in cementing and compacting the sand in the lower layers of the sand dunes into sandstone. These layers are often visible as ‘epoch bands’ within the resulting formations.

The result is stunning, ochre coloured, wind eroded, twisted rock formations dramatically rising out of the sand around you.

This walk is as beautiful during the day as it is at night and the sunsets here are absolutely spectacular! ​

We will be taking ‘forest bathing’ out of the forest and onto the beach and we will call it ‘nature bathing’. It’s different doing it in the forests – it’s often reflective of our own internal processes and there’s a sense of being contained. When you do it out on the beach, it’s expansive and brings a dimension into the experience. They’re different, but both are needed and will resonate with you in unique ways. There are so many benefits to being near the ocean. When you’re walking by the sea, your brainwaves automatically get lulled into a state of deep relaxation. It has a calming effect, aided by the physical benefits of breathing in the ozone and the negative ions present near the water. We crawled out of the ocean – that was our birthplace. All life on the planet came from there, and I believe there’s part of us that recognises that.

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Lynette - Guided Stargazing

The skies in the southern parts of South Africa offer some of the best stargazing in the world. The benefits of this particular type of nature therapy are also backed up across all of the scientific fields from medicine, chemistry, biology and physics to neurology, immunology and psychiatry. It seems there is a deep-rooted and multi-faceted symbiotic relationship between the stars above us and the foundations of what it is that makes us human.


We are intrinsically and inseparably connected to these seemingly tiny specs of light - our celestial neighbours. There is nothing quite comparable to looking up at the vast and beautiful universe. 

Connecting with the innate power of the dark and unfathomably deep sky above us invigorates us and helps us to remember that there is a vast universe and we are a fundamental part of it - we are it! 

Stargazing reminds us of where we came from and where we are going. We can get truly lost and humbled in the wonder of it all. Remembering our connection induces profound feelings of peace and a simple joy and awe of being alive.


Forest Bathing

- How trees help you to find health and happiness -


We will take you on a journey of creating remarkable changes in your life through nature. You will be guided on awe inspiring walks that will tap into nature's healing powers. Through these carefully curated forest bathing invitations, you will discover priceless ways of cultivating a calm mind, healthy body, and nourished relationships. 


For thousands of years, our ancestors lived and thrived in nature. Nature was an integral part of the place we called home. 


But, in today's world we are bombarded by urban structures, crowded spaces, technology, and a polluted environment.

This rapid change has put enormous unwanted pressure on our body, mind, and spirit. As a result, we are seeing that anxiety, stress, depression, burnout, and chronic illness are on the rise and, in our society, there is an increase in anger, addiction, intolerance, apathy, and loneliness. 

Living in a hyper-connected era is disconnecting us from what is truly important.


Countries around the world are uncovering scientific proof about nature's healing effects. Japan and South Korea have established many healing forests where they practise forest bathing and this is rapidly spreading around Europe, UK, and the United States.

For our overloaded minds, overworked bodies, and wounded souls, nature yields unsurprising results.

Sound Bathing - Shomon will guide you.

During this experience of rhythm and nature we will be immersing ourselves in a sound healing bath. To assist with integrating all this amazing rediscovery, we will be guided by Shomon with great care and pure intent. This powerful yet gentle awakening experience consciously combines a variety of sacred sounds and frequencies delivered via the portal of voice and instruments, creating a journey through all the luminous layers of energy of our mind, body and soul. These sounds connect us back to our roots and help us balance our whole being.  

A sound bath is a fully immersive form of healing that is primarily aimed to soothe your nervous system, manage your anxieties, temporarily quiet the constant flow of thoughts, and facilitate deep relaxation.

Sound baths aim to balance the energy in your body to promote specific brain waves and encourage a restorative state that triggers your body’s self-healing.

Sound baths, also called sound meditation or sound therapy, are a meditative experience where participants are “bathed” in sound waves. These sound waves can be in the form of a variety of instruments, often high-frequency instruments, like chimes, drums, gongs, percussions, rattles, singing bowls, tuning forks, or the human voice.

In sound baths, the sounds or musical instruments are carefully chosen. For example, a voice that has a prominent timbre and overtones, a crystal bowl tuned specifically to the notes of the seven chakras, while a gong is the preferred instrument to release body tension and calm your nervous system.

 It is considered to be a spiritual meditative practice and is a passive form of therapy where the participant is not required to do anything.



Music also plays an essential part in our optional microdosing ceremonies. In fact, we consider it to be one of the most important ingredients as it has an immensely powerful influence on both our set and setting. For this reason we are grateful to have Shomon as part of our team. Her unique and intuitive musical talent guides you into a deep experience.

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sound healing
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