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Transform pain into bliss.

Psilocybin a brief introduction.


Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for millennia by several cultures from Europe to Mesoamerica. More than 116 species have been identified thus far in the genus Psilocybe alone. New scientific evidence is pointing to the fact that, not only can they be psycho-spiritually transformative, but they are capable of stimulating neurogenesis, i.e. the growth of nervous system tissue. These recent discoveries show psilocybin’s potential for helping address such conditions as depression and anxiety, but perhaps also to help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neuropathies. They may even increase intelligence. 

Psilocybin mushrooms have been a part of healing rituals since, well, forever. They’re not just for trippy concert visuals or a shaman’s ancient ceremony; they’re a key to a door in your mind you might not have even known was there. 

It’s a naturally occurring compound that, when ingested, transforms into psilocin — the real wizard behind the curtain, conjuring up the psychedelic experience. But here’s the kicker: recent research is shedding light on how these magical fungi can be powerful allies in the battle against depression, anxiety, and even addiction. 

 But before you take the plunge, The right setting, mindset, and guidance are crucial. It’s called “set and setting,” and it can mean the difference between a healing journey and a bad trip that could’ve been avoided with a little know-how.

Let’s talk setting: it should be somewhere safe, comfortable, and without interruptions — a place where you can let go and be vulnerable. Nature is a great option as long as you are safe and guided. And the mindset? Go in with intentions. This isn’t about escaping reality - it’s about facing it. Once the intention is set, let it go and allow the mushrooms to take you on your journey - they have an infinite wisdom about what you need. Trust the medicine and the guides and you’ll be in for a profoundly moving experience.

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To dive even deeper on this journey of inner exploration, a microdose of mushrooms containing natural psilocybin is an optional addition to our retreat. We will explain how it works, what the benefits are, and how it may serve you in your process of personal growth.

Delve deep into collective consciousness with like-minded individuals. These retreats offer a shared experience of exploration, growth, and profound realisations. Surrounded by peers, you will find support and understanding, making it an enriching journey of communal bonding and personal insight.

Studies are now showing that psilocybin is revolutionising couples therapy.


GroWild is passionate about helping individuals and couples to discover the transformative power of natural psilocybin, blending ancient wisdom with science in a unique retreat experience. We welcome you into our safe space as you look forward to a profound and meaningful experience.

If you feel ready to experience fresh perspectives and take a transformational journey towards 

personal growth, it is our privilege to guide you along this path and we would love to extend an invitation to you to join us on this journey. 


When was the last time that you thought about how your social life, romantic life, sex life, and family life affect your health and happiness? There is a lot of talk about the loneliness epidemic, but what if the real epidemic is a lack of social connection?

What is the role of psychedelics in enhancing connection?


On this retreat we take a deep dive into how our own connection with ourselves affects our human relationships, sexuality, love, and attachment, as well as our ability to heal from trauma.

Exploring your inner world through love and connection is profound. This profound shift in consciousness and increased openness  through psilocybin is remarkable.


Studies show how microdosing with psilocybin enhances our ability as couples to drop into deep states of resonance emotionally and physically and that it enhances our rhythm of sexual contact through the sense of connection to your partner.

Low dose psilocybin helps us with being present, focused, and in embodied alignment, helping us to feel in sync. This leads to extraordinary communication, heightened empathy, and authenticity - being genuinely transparent.

You are left with peace, transformation, and healing and a vulnerability which leads to joy, surrender, and fun.

The microdose increases a sense of connection, presence, embodiment and of merging with another. It improves empathy and communication which leads to deep intimacy which can lead to a transcendent experience. This transformational healing enables you to surrender and explore your inner and outer experiences.


This is a unique opportunity to flourish.


This is for couples who are looking to create magnificent moments of love and who are ready to prioritise their intimate lives.

We welcome all sexual orientations and relationship models.  

  • Long term couples looking to breathe new life into their routine

  • Couples whose relationship is impacted by blocks in their intimate life. 

  • Couples facing challenges related to intimacy, vulnerability and trust.

  • Couples who struggle with pain, body shame, or performance anxiety during intimacy.

  • Couples who are nostalgic about the initial desire they experienced at the beginning of the relationship.


We will help you create magnificent moments of healthy love and pleasure with your partner and this will translate to all relationships out in the world.

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