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Moringa is an essential “brain food.” Apart from the overall nutritional benefits of Moringa to nourish the brain, Moringa is packed with 25x the iron content of spinach which produces oxygen rich blood that carries nutrients to the brain. In addition, the high levels of zinc are also key to overall brain function. Moringa contains high levels of Omega 3’s and Vitamin E as part of the 90 essential vitamins and minerals.

Olive Leaf’s main component is oleuropein, a strong antioxidant that has a powerful effect on brain function.

Sceletium is one of the most usable and functional herbs for mental clarity and focus as well as emotional wellness. It has a profoundly efficacious application in concentration and efficient memory performance. A calm mind is an intelligent mind.

Echinacea, in the correct dosage, is considered one of the natural remedies for ADD, ADHD, and related concentration disturbances.

Pure Organic Moringa

Pure Organic Olive Leaf

Pure Organic Echinacea

Pure Organic Sceletium

60 Vegan Capsules - packaged in glass


Contains NO:

Animal Products, Preservatives, Colourants, Yeast, Wheat or Gluten

Concentration Formula

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