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Moringa is described as the most nutritious plant known. It contains an impressive 90 plus nutrients: 46 Antioxidants - ALL Essential Amino Acids - Omega Fatty Acids 3/6/9 - Vitamins and minerals - all essential for optimal brain function.

Olive Leaf’s main component, Oleuropein, is a neuroprotective and has a powerful effect on brain function.

Echinacea, in the correct dosage, is considered a powerful natural remedy for concentration disturbances.

Bacopa has been used for centuries to promote memory and concentration. It supports brain function and balances the nervous system while promoting clarity and awareness.

  • Pure Organic Moringa Leaf
  • Pure Organic Olive Leaf & Extract
  • Pure Organic Echinacea
  • Pure Organic Bacopa Monnieri

*Bacopa Monnieri takes time to work: 

8-12 weeks for a notable improvement

60 Vegan Capsules - packaged in glass


Contains NO:

Animal Products, Preservatives, Colourants, Yeast, Wheat or Gluten

Brain Formula

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