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GroWild has a passion for nature and people.
Growild - getting you off the proverbial couch and engaging in therapy in a natural environment.

We are a Natural Healing Centre with over 30 years experience. turned to the relationship between humans and plants to find the solution to everyday problems using food, herbal supplements, medical botany and emotional-spiritual upliftment in the form of forest bathing and private counselling services formulated to suit your individual needs.

Ours is a holistic approach to physical and mental health and we aim to find the cause rather than treat the symptom, heal the whole being not just a part, and lift your health to prevent problems rather than fixing them after they occur.



Growild offers consultancy, advice and mentoring to individuals, organisations and companies in relation to nature based solutions and nature based interventions for positive mental health and wellbeing.




Saving the forests and the natural environment involves a multi layered approach with everyone doing their part.  Through the very act of Forest Bathing, you are helping save the forests.  So unplug, de-stress and rest assure that your calming forest experience is also a vitally important act of conservation.

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